Creature Flora
Brand Identity

Creature Flora is an Oklahoma based family owned provider of high quality medical grade cannabis. A family business seeking a distinct logo, and brand that can stand out in a highly competitive and crowded industry. The name alone is a unique approach amongst a field of sameness, conjuring sci-fi imagery and other worldliness in an audiences mind. After many conversations with the Creature Flora team - the two themes that stood out were “Creature Flora is a Universe” and “Plants for All Creatures” - the broader ideas for a suite of products, and the core product being high quality and accessible.

“The Creature Flora icon represents multiple aspects of the brand name. It captures the ‘flora’, by way of a plant shape, and seven leaves representing the cannabis plant. The ‘creature’ description, is highlighted through the mystical eye and textural application.”

With story telling at the core, this bold company is now backed by a bold brand aiming to carve a niche in the cannabis industry. 

Agency: MadeOffline
Role: Concepting, Art Direction, Illustration, Design
Photography: Jessi Chapman, Harlee Case
Macro Photography: Rhys Harper

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© Vaughn Fender