Through the use of murals and wellness-based activation events, this activation Pitch Concept was designed to help Prudential Retirement’s audience see financial wellness as a foundational element in achieving their aspirations and planning for the future.

By posing the question—“What’s Your Center?”,  the campaign speaks to the audience without being overwhelming. Intentionally leaving “retirement” out of the top line messaging, and focusing on self-improvement and knowing oneself, the campaign attempts to make the conversation more personal and immediate.

“Life is about the choices we make, what we value and who we strive to be. Those priorities make up our core, our center. What we focus on now—the things we choose to pull into our orbit and keep there—can put us on track for the future we want and help us recover when we get knocked off our center. At Prudential, we believe that with the right help, each and every person can build the rock-solid financial core to support their priorities and aspirations for the future. And, it can have a ripple effect on their entire life and the lives of their loved ones.”

The approach plays off the circular rock icon with overlapping circles representing a participant’s core priorities and interests.

Agency: Prudential 
Role: Concepting, Art Direction, Design

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© Vaughn Fender