of Scranton

Founded in 1888, Scranton is a private Catholic and Jesuit university that is known for outstanding academic quality, a beautiful and technology-rich campus, and a sense of community that helps a student feel right at home. This campaign rebooted the schools u ndergrad admissions materials look and feel. The campaign positioning tagline was/is “Opening Doors” with the ultimate goal of attracting great students, but also show the location in a better light and combat the negative perception of Scranton, Pennsylvania.

“It might take you aback at first—this tradition of opening doors. Here, at The University of Scranton, it is a custom, and a courtesy, you’ll often observe across our campus. “Opening doors” speaks to our close community—but even more it is a reminder of the immense opportunities, and bright futures, that await all who come here. Inspiring and purposeful, rigorous and transformative, this is an education that will open doors for a lifetime.”

The campaign rollout was all encompassing, starting with a foldout informational piece, then the viewbook, website updates and billboards in target markets.

Agency: TaylorDesign
Writer: Scott Suhr
Role: Concepting, Design, Illustration, Strategy, Campaign Guidelines

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